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Cowboy Ethics

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Having been rocked by one damaging revelation of misbehavior after another.
Wall Street is in a state of crisis. Investors are disgusted by the misdeeds of a few and suspicious of the industry at large. Every firm finds its integrity open to question. Regulators are up in arms. And the industry is facing billions of dollars in costs to comply with a floodtide of regulations.

But imagine what could happen if Wall Street firms looked back to a simpler time when a handshake was enough to seal a deal, and right and wrong were as clear as black and white. What if executives, portfolio managers, analysts and traders decided that some things aren’t for sale? What if every major investment firm agreed to live by the principle that the client always comes first?

1. Live Each Day With Courage                                   
2. Take Pride In Your Work                                           
3. Always Finish What You Start                                  
4. Do What Has To Be Done                                       
5.Be Tough But Fair                                                      
6. When You Make A Promise, Keep It                      
7. Ride For The Brand                                                 
8. Talk Less and Say More                                         
9. Remember that Some Things Are Not For Sale
10. Know Where To Draw The Line                           

                       James P Owen

Wouldn't it be nice, the client comes first. Honesty, honor and intregity could become something other than words in the dictionary.  
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Somewhere in Time Music Video

I found this last night and thought it needed to be shared. This movie is one of my all time favorites. It was the first movie on VHS  that I ever purchased.   And I did buy the soundtrack record. Yes that is right, record, remember that was all the way back in 1980. I have that stashed someplace, most likely the barn. I recently downloaded the soundtrack. As of yet, I have not found where to download or buy this track. But it is now on my wish list. The man singing it is Michael Crawford, the first Phantom.

Mona and Jax

More Flowers

Here is a slide show of some of the flowers that I have planted. The urns for the cemetery are farther ahead than my other planters. The urns have to be in full bloom by next week. I think that they will be. The four pots that I have in the slide show were all designed and planted by me. I hope you like them. If you like any of them let me know and I will tell you what plants are in each one. I am in the habit of making my father's urns always yellow and purple because his school colors were blue and gold. Grandma always has to be in red and white.

My flower beds and the front yard are not yet in full bloom. The lilies and the roses are just starting to come up. I do have some pretty tulips. And the crab tree is turning out spectacular this year. She was a memorial for my father. As my flowers grow, I can post of their progress. I did not count how many plants I have put in. Nor have I kept track of the amount of money and time I have already put into them.

I decorate with flowers. I want to be surrounded by bright colors and to be reminded that life is renewing. I plant flowers to bring in hummingbirds and butterflies. I want my yard to be an extension of my home. And I want that place to be relaxing and peaceful. As you look at the slideshow, imagine being in one of the many rocking chairs or benches on my porch or deck and listen to the wind chimes, bird song and the sound of my water fountain. And relax and enjoy.

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